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******Thei Storcken with painting Stevensweert 1995



 Thei Storcken was born on 9 november 1917 at Geleen. Thei was second sohn from a family with 7 childeren. As child Thei draw and he want to go to the art college at Maastricht but his father and mother want that Thei learn a other job. Thei listen to his father and mother. As Thei his favourite hobby was drawing at the free time with charcoal and pastel. At war those products are not easy to get. At the year 1946 Thei receive from man his brother dead paintingol. The food side boxes from the americans are good for painting and most of the time from bothsides. At the year 1950 Thei marriage and on a Sonday morning he make friends with three man how are on bike and they want to going painting. On this moment the club art "Licht en Kleur " was a fact. The exhibition are not only in the neighbourhood but also at Pontiose France and at Bőblingen Germania. On vacantie Thei draw and make paintings. At those moments are many paintings from foreigh countries but dearest Thei are at favourite place in the neibourhood from Geleen and province Limburg at natur. The most of those paintings and drawings are to see on this Website. In the 80 Thei got a price Alfonds Winter with the painting St.Jans Geleen. On 3 Februari 1997 Thei Storcken be dying




*****St.Jans Geleen 1972



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